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News (Tuesday 25 July 2017)

UCC branding (2013-08-23)

The UCC branding means that all existing web sites will have to be brought into line with the new crest and colours. There are strict rules on this which are being implemented by the Digital Estate Working Group.

In future, system-level login accounts will not be available, and all users will need to bring their sites into line with the new layout. Content-managed sites are being migrated to the new design, and homebrew HTML research sites will be required to migrate to either a CMS site or a Wordpress site as soon as possible.

New look for research profiles (2013-08-18)

The research profiles published from the IRIS system have been put into the new UCC page design. This means they now work properly on mobile devices as well as on desktop screens.

New update on website progress (2013-06-20)

As part of the ongoing work on the new web site, the Digital Estate Working Group is publishing a periodic update of what is happening, and how you can take advantage of it for your college/department/school/project web site. The first issue is at

  1. Migrating your web site to the new layout
  2. Web design support suppliers: the list of approved designers
  3. Content Management System (CMS) Training
  4. Writing content for the web (a guide to the style of writing)
  5. Audio Visual Media Services (AVMS): services available

New issue of The Boolean (2012-09-27)

The Boolean postgraduate research journal has its 2012 issue out, and the PDF went for limited reproduction on time.

New web designs on their way (2012-09-20)

Lloyd Northover, who were retained to advise on UCC's branding earlier in 2012, are now working on a new design for UCC's main web site. The intial stage involves the home pages and top levels, and is due to be completed by the end of 2012. The job will be done using mobile-first responsive design principles, obviating the need for a separate general-purpose mobile app. The research and preparatory work is almost complete.

New issue of Scenario (2012-09-15)

The Scenario journal (see side panel) has a new issue, which involved considerable extension of the programming to handle more complex ruled tables in both HTML and PDF. The lessons learned from this will be formalised and made available to the other journals as the service develops.

UCC has a new web server (2012-09-06)

The long-awaited move to a new server occurred over the weekend of the 1st/2nd September, with only minor hitches related to the propagation of the new IP address. This completes Phase II of the upgrading of web services (Phase I was the move to a new CMS server, noted below). The final phase will be the introduction of a replacement for this machine, the publishing server, scheduled for some time in 2013.

SiteManager has a new server (2012-03-10)

We have at last managed to move SiteManager to the new server; somewhat ahead of time, as the old server started to create more problems. All site owners were notified of the new address by email. The next stage is to update SiteManager to the long-awaited v.7 (scheduled for Monday 26 March). Please email CMS Support if you have any questions.

LATEX courses (2012-01-29)

The Training Centre has arranged for more of the 1-day LATEX courses for postgraduates and staff during March and April (1st, 22nd, 29th March, and 5th April). [Update] As these are now all fully-booked, we will be running more during late April and early May. If you would like to book a place on these, please email the Training Centre.

Content Management System upgrade (2012-01-27)

The SiteManager CMS will be upgraded to v.7 some time in the next few months, and the web server itself will also be replaced with a faster machine. As a first stage, the CMS will move to a new server ( but stay at v.6 of the software, probably during the first weeks of February 2012. The second stage will be to move the web site itself to its new server; and the third stage will be to upgrade SiteManager to v.7. There will be no effect on web users (apart from faster speeds) but CMS users (site owners) will be notified in good time of the changes.

Author identity (2011-12-19)

The biggest single stumbling-block in the way to reliable citation is the identity of the authors: is that Smith, J over there the same one as that James Q Smith over here? There have been proprietary attempts to rationalise this before. but they have foundered on their restrictions. A new project called ORCID is now trying to make a global unique identifier for authors, like the ISBN is for books and the DOI is for articles. UCC is a member of the project and we are monitoring developments so that we don't get left behind.

Digital Object Identifiers (2011-12-04)

Books have ISBNs and journals have ISSN, but until recently there was no way to identify an article with a guaranteed-unique label that would not disappear or change like URIs tend to do. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provides this (you've probably seen and used them already). We are going to sign up with one of the Registration Authorities so that we can issue all articles with a DOI so that readers can cite UCC publications even more easily. There are a few legal hurdles to overcome but we hope to start working with DOIs in 2012.

New control panel and uploader (2011-11-02)

The new e-journals control panel has been installed, and journals are now able to use it. The default article type is a .docx (OOXML) file, rather than the now-obsolete WordML files used in the old CP. The file-upload program also had to be updated, as the old one contained a a number of obsolete PHP calls which made it risky to continue using.

New e-journals control panel (2011-08-22)

A new e-journals control panel is being developed to replace the pilot one in use to date. This will provide better control and error-reporting on articles, and will include the file-upload mechanism as part of the interface. Release date is scheduled for 1st October 2011.

LISTSERV problems identified (2011-02-16)

The problem with the LISTSERV web configuration has been identified, and will be fixed today or tomorrow. It involves taking the machine down to single-user mode to move some partitions, so the server will be unavailable for a short period, probably no more than an hour, at some stage: details will be made available to the HelpDesk and SIT. Thank you for your patience.

LISTSERV problems (2011-02-11)

The web interface to LISTSERV at is not working at the moment. We hope to have it restored over the weekend. In the meantime, list owners can use the email interface: documentation is on the L-Soft site. This problem also affects the WordPress blogs which are currently inacessible. All other services on this system are unaffected and mail sent to lists is being distributed as normal.

Upgrade to Saxon 9 (2011-01-20)

We have replaced the Xalan XSLT engine in Cocoon with Saxon 9 to try and stop the Java too many open files errors. The new engine is also rather stricter about conformance, so some pages need editing to avoid null data errors. Please bear with us while this is done.

The Boolean launched (2010-11-01)

The Graduate Studies Office launched their new annual postgraduate journal The Boolean last month, and the new design is now online.

IRIS update (2010-08-23)

The IRIS system for Research Support has been upgraded to Vidatum Academic 2.0, and the published profiles are now being served with a new script. There are still a few oddities to sort out, but it is expected that these will be fixed by the end of September.

LATEX and XML support (2010-08-01)

The new TEX Collection DVD is nearly ready, and copies for UCC have been ordered. We are hoping to upgrade the document server and switch to Saxon some time over the 2010-11 new year break. Due to financial constraints it was unfortunately not possible to attend either the 32nd (25th) TEX Users Group conference nor the Balisage markup conference (for the fourth year), so the content of the training courses cannot be updated until later in 2011. LATEX courses are being scheduled for January 2011 onwards, possibly with one session being held in late 2010.

Research Profiles Live (2010-05-14)

IRIS, the new Research Support System, has successfully completed the pilot, and the published profiles are now being rolled out to all departments and school over the next few months. Each new unit going live gets to feature one of their researchers on the UCC home page.

Research Profiles (2010-02-19)

The new Research Support System is in a pilot phase, and the published profiles are under development. Cocoon and XSLT have been used to manipulate the data published by the system so that it conforms to the UCC look and feel, and adds the features we need.

LATEX (2010-01-10)

A new mini-FAQ is now available, with (for once) prescriptive solutions rather than the traditional approach of explaining every last detail and leaving the user with a collection of confusing choices.

Old server inaccessible (2009-11-16)

Due to an untraced networking problem, the old server ( is offline. Most of the documents still served from there are available here (see the menu to the left). We hope to have the problem sorted out today.

Lucene search engine (2009-11-06)

Installing the Lucene search engine only to discover it only comes with a HTML search tool: nothing for XML.

Pieces of history (2009-10-14)

The even older machine, a Sun SparcStation IPX called, failed to reboot last year (2008), and with an inoperable screen it was not possible to see what was wrong. It has been lying idle ever since, waiting for the time when someone can come up with a working Sun monitor that we can plug in and see what is failing. It's probably something simple, but without any screen, we're blind. Moral: never, ever buy proprietary hardware for which there is no easily-available substitute.

Getting closer (2009-09-22)

Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The old server is still running, but all documents and services have now been copied to the new system, and should be reconfigured and running before the end of the [calendar] year. Once those services are stable, the old machine will be switched off and scrapped.

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