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Table of Contents for 2011

1 Niamh Nic Chonmara Editorial — IDENTITY
2 Joshua R. Pate Defining disability: : An auto-ethnography on the lived experiences of a person with cerebral palsy University of Tennessee
3 Niall O’Sullivan Gateways and ghost estates: : Signifying Irish national identity after the Celtic Tiger era Cork Centre for Architectural Education. College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, University College Cork
4 Roxane Paire  Migrant theatre and the aesthetics of identity Department of French- University College Cork
5 Francis Machingura & Jesca Mushoperi Machingura “Where Do You Come From and When Are You Going Back to Your Country?” : A Diasporan Reflection on Identity Crises of African Immigrants in Germany Biblical Studies, University of Bamberg, Germany. & Zimbabwean Journalist and Theatre Artist (respectively)
6 Conor Michael Dawson The Fractured Self: : Postmodernism and Depersonalization Disorder School of English, University College Cork
7 Dr. Liam Leonard Review — Understanding Limerick: Social Exclusion and Change by Dr. Niamh Hourigan (ed) Lecturer in Sociology, Criminology and Human Rights, IT Sligo
8 James O’Duibh Review — The Chinese Communist Party as Organizational Emperor: culture, reproduction, and transformation by Zheng Yongnian School of Philosophy & Sociology UCC and the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies
9 Niamh Nic Chonmara Review — Our Lady of Controversy: Alma López’s Irreverent Apparition by Gaspar de Alba, Alicia and Alma López (eds) Hispanic Studies, University College Cork
10 Editorial Board Inaugural editorial board members:: In-house and international affiliates University College Cork
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