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ToC3. Changing a style

Make sure the list of styles is displayed (click on FormatStyles and Formatting to bring up the window).

    To change the style of an element
  1. Click once only on the style name in the style margin to select it

  2. Click on the name of the style in the style list that you want to change to

You can also highlight a whole group of elements and change them all at once (see Figure 5 below for an example).

Figure 5. Changing the style: before and after

The style name ‘Normal’ in the style margin shows very clearly that what looks like a ‘list’ is actually just normal paragraphs with a dash at the start, not actually a list at all; applying the style named List Bullet turns them into a real list. If you don't want a bullet, you can change it to a dash or other character by editing the List Bullet style.


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The list of styles provided by Microsoft is adequate for normal paragraphs, lists (bulleted and numbered), section headings (nine levels), indented quotations (block text), footnotes, and a few other oddities.

The alternative (if you are not at this stage committed to using Word) is to convert any existing text to LATEX and use a LATEX editor for writing and editing. This is completely different from Word and we run training courses on how to use it. We can in any case create the equivalent LATEX stylesheet for you.

Table of Contents
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