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Monuments: F

1. Fowlis Wester

RecordAuthor Orla Murphy
ISODate 2002-06-06
Date 6 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Perthshire
Townland Fowlis Wester
OSMapRef NN 925245 (292500, 724500)
Area Scotland
GeneralContext Upright Rectangular Cross Slab
Location in a railed off area at the centre of the village, north off the A85 between Perth and Crieff
GeneralContext Stone type: Old Red Sandstone
Dimensions 10' 4" high, 2' 9'' wide at its widest and 6'' at the sides.
GeneralDescription Upright rectangular cross slab, tapering slightly, the arms of the cross are 2 inches wider than the rest of the slab.
GeneralDescription Front: Cross divided into five panels the centre of the cross has a eight spiral bosses around a central spiral boss, the other panels all contain interlace, at the base of the shaft this interlace is inhabited, with birds and beasts. The decoration on the cross slab is difficult to decipher, on the top there is a figure, unknown.

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