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Monuments: I

1. Inchbrayock (Rossie Island) Cross Slab

RecordAuthor Orla Murphy
ISODate 2002-06-06
Date 6 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Forfarshire
Townland Originally found on Rossie Island in the middle of the South Esk
Area Scotland
GeneralContext Upright Rectangular Cross Slab
Location Montrose Museum
GeneralContext Stone type: Old Red Sandstone
Dimensions 2'6" high, 1' 7'' wide, 2" thick.
GeneralDescription Upright rectangular cross slab, expanding in width towards the top
Back A single panel, upper left: a reptile; right, a double disc symbol; a man on horseback with shield, spear and sword; beast with feet curling underneath; a hound; another animal with feet curled beneath it; a beast with curling tail; and a reptile like that on the other edge of the slab; at bottom is an unarmed figure with another figure with long hair (Susanna and the Philistine); right hand corner of the slab a prostrate figure, legs doubled up.

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