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1. Penrith.

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-09-19
Date 19 September 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Cumbria.
Townland Penrith.
OSMapRef NY 515305
Area England
GeneralContext Plaque.
Location Borough Museum, Kendal.
GeneralContext Stone type: Limestone.
Dimensions 32cm (12.5'') in height, 30cm (11.75'') in width, and 6cm (2.4'') in depth.
GeneralDescription Plaque with Crucifixion scene, dated to tenth century.
GeneralDescription This Crucifixion scene was bordered by a flat-band moulding but this only survives on the top and left-hand sides of the frame.
GeneralDescription Christ is wearing a sleeved long garment, which leaves parts of his legs exposed. The cross is not visible behind him. Christ's head dominates the scene. He has a forked beard with a moustache and ribbed hair, which cuts into the frame.
GeneralDescription In the upper quadrants there are two angels facing out, and standing on Christ's arms.
GeneralDescription The spear-bearer Longinus is below Christ's left arm. He is seen in profile and is wearing a helmet, which may have had a nose-guard. He is carrying the spear in his left hand.
GeneralDescription Stephaton is below Christ's right arm, and is facing out. He is also wearing a helmet with what appears to be a nose-guard. He is holding his rod in his right arm. The rod ends in a trumpet-like terminal, which reaches to the bottom of Christ's beard. There is another figure next to him. He is also forward facing and wearing a helmet.

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