June 2011

Editorial: Welcome and Acknowledgements   Dr Séamus Ó Tuama, Dr Gerard Mullally,
Deliberation and respect   Jürg Steiner
Democracy, Complexity and Participation   Patrick O’Mahony
Deliberation for Participatory Democrats: Lessons from Social Partnership in Ireland    Deiric Ó Broin 
Formalised Church-State Dialogue in Ireland: A Critique of Concept   Kenneth Houston
Assessing the merits of deliberative processes in engaging and informing citizens: a case study of a deliberative event on Irish women’s voices on Europe   Clodagh Harris, Emmanuelle Schön-Quinlivan,
Fairness in Participatory Decision-making: the relationship between participation and deliberation in UK participatory budgeting processes   Heather Blakey
Opinion: The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition in the United Kingdom: May 2010-February 2011   Bill Jones
Book Review: The British Polity by Philip Norton   Reviewer: Clodagh Harris
Book Review: The Making of the Irish Constitution 1937 by Dermot Keogh and Andrew J. McCarthy   Reviewer: Alex White
Book Review: Irish Women and Street Politics 1956 – 1973 by Tara Keenan-Thomson   Reviewer: Fiona Buckley
Book Review: From Parnell to Paisley: Constitutional and Revolutionary Politics in Modern Ireland by Caoimhe Nic Dáibhéid and Colin Reid (eds)   Reviewer: Donal Corcoran
Book Review: The Blue Wall of Silence: The Morris Tribunal and Police Accountability in Ireland by Vicky Conway   Reviewer: David Gwynn Morgan
Book Review: The Europeanization of Party Politics in Ireland - North and South by Katy Hayward and Mary C. Murphy   Reviewer: Gay Mitchell MEP