Sarah Culloty, Professor (Scale 2)

John O'Halloran, Vice President

Eileen O'Herlihy, Research Support Officer Admin

John Quinn, Professor (Scale 2)

Astrid Wingler, Professor (Scale 2)

Gavin Burnell, Professor/Head Of Department

Thomas Cross, Professor/Head Of Department

Peter Jones, Professor/Head Of Department

Deborah Chapman, Senior Lecturer / Head Of Department

John Benzie, Professor

John Gamble, Professor

Andrew Wheeler, Professor

Brian Williams, Adjunct Professor

Bettie Higgs, Senior Lecturer

Ruth Ramsay, Senior Lecturer

Thomas Reed, Senior Lecturer

Emer Rogan, Senior Lecturer

Fidelma Butler, Lecturer

Javier Delbarco-Trillo, Lecturer

Barbara Doyle Prestwich, Lecturer

Mark Charles Emmerson, Lecturer

Simon Harrison, Lecturer

Edward L. Hickey, Lecturer

David (Ed) Jarvis, Lecturer

Thomas Kelly, Lecturer

Eoin Lettice, Lecturer

Robert McAllen, Lecturer

Alison McCarthy, Lecturer

Maria Eithne McNamara, Lecturer

Patrick Meere, Lecturer

John Reavy, Lecturer

Timothy Sullivan, Lecturer

Padraig Whelan, Lecturer

Jens Carlsson, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

James Coughlan, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Eileen Dillane, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Boris Dorschel, Postdoctoral Researcher

Anne Oxbrough, Postdoctoral Researcher

Sandra Irwin, Senior Research Fellow

Sharon Lynch, Research Fellow

Alastair Allen, Researcher

Ilse Corkery, Researcher

John Davenport, Researcher

Lisa Dolan, Researcher

Dario Fernandez-Bellon, Researcher

Kenneth Higgs, Researcher

Bogumila Janczura, Researcher

Sarah B.M. Kraak, Researcher

Philip McGinnity, Researcher

Ellen O'Connor, Researcher

Brian O'Farrell, Researcher

Maria O'Mahoney, Researcher

Audra Peterson, Researcher

Patrick Sleeman, Research Support Officer

Mark Wilson, Research Support Officer

Grace Cott, Research Assistant

Paul Giller, (Retired)

Maire Mulcahy, (Retired)

Alan Myers, (Retired)

Giulio Solferino,