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1. Arboe: East face of Cross. Detail of Shaft.

RecordAuthor Orla Murphy
ISODate 2002-04-15
Date 15 April 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Tyrone
Townland Arboe
OSMapRef H-965.756
Area Ireland
GeneralContext Sandstone Cross. Situated in west of Churchyard, in Arboe, west of Lough Neagh.
GeneralContext The Cross is carved from 4 blocks of red sandstone. It measures 5.7 m high, and 1.07 m at the arms. The shaft is 58 cm wide and 36 cm thick. The base has two steps .
GeneralContext East face. Shaft. E1 Adam and Eve knowing their nakedness. Old Testament . Book of Genesis.
GeneralContext E2 The sacrifice of Isaac. Old Testament.
GeneralContext E3 Daniel in the lion's den. (2 flanking lions). Old Testament. Book of Daniel
GeneralContext E4 The 3 children in the fiery furnace. Old Testament. Book of Daniel.
GeneralContext E5 Projecting rectangular panel with fret pattern and spiral bosses.
GeneralContext HEAD
GeneralContext E6 The Second Coming of Christ - flanked on both sides by the bust of an angel. New Testament. Book of Revelation.
Centre The Last Judgement. New Testament. Book of Revelation.
GeneralContext South Side: Shaft.
GeneralContext S1 Cain slays Abel. 2 figures Abel standing. Old Testament. Book of Genesis.
GeneralContext S2. David slays the lion. Type 1 David on lion's back. Old Testament. 1 Samuel 17.34.
GeneralContext S3 David meets/kills Goliath. Old Testament. 1 Samuel 17.49.
GeneralContext S4 Saints Paul and Anthony breaking bread. Hagiography.
GeneralContext Head.
GeneralContext S5 Interlocked bosses
GeneralContext S6 upright rectangular panel
GeneralContext End of arm unidentified figure. ?angel.
GeneralContext West face. Shaft.
GeneralContext W1 Adoration of Magi. Type 1 Magi around the BVM. New Testament.
GeneralContext W2 Marriage feast of Cana. New Testament.
GeneralContext W3 Multiplication of the loaves and fishes. New Testament.
GeneralContext W4 Entry of Christ into Jerusalem. New Testament.
GeneralContext Head.
GeneralContext W5 box with round bosses, surrounded by roll moulding and pelleting
GeneralContext W6 Mocking of Christ (Ecce Rex Iudeorum).
GeneralContext Centre. Crucifixion.
GeneralContext North Side Shaft.
GeneralContext N1 Baptism of Christ. New Testament.
GeneralContext N2 Jesus before the Doctors of the Law. New Testament.
GeneralContext N3 Massacre of Innocents. New Testament
GeneralContext N4 The annunciation to the shepherds.
GeneralContext Head. N5 and N6. No representational figures. End of cross arm, unidentified figures , very weathered/worn.
GeneralDescription Cross at Arboe. East Face. Shaft, panel E1 Bottom panel, barely visible on this slide, the two heads of Adam and Eve 'knowing their nakedness' on either side of the tree of knowledge.
GeneralDescription E2 The Sacrifice of Isaac. Old Testament. Book of Genesis 22.7.
GeneralDescription E3 Daniel in the Lions' Den. Old Testament. Book of Daniel. Type C Depiction with 2 vertical lions. Depicted also at (?)Armagh (E4), Killary (E4), Monasterboice Tall Cross (N4), and Oldcourt, E base upper panel.

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