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Monuments: N

1. Nigg

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-06-14
Date 14 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Ross
Townland Nigg
OSMapRef NH 805715 (280500, 871500)
Area Scotland
GeneralContext General View of upright cross slab at Nigg.
Location Churchyard of Nigg
GeneralContext Stone type: Grey Sandstone
Dimensions 7'3'' high by 3'5'' wide, and 5'' thick.
GeneralDescription This shows the front of the upright cross slab at Nigg, which is sculptured on three faces.
GeneralDescription There is a pediment at the top of this slab. In the middle of the rectangular part there is a cross.
GeneralDescription In the pediment there are two bearded ecclesiastics, with books in their hands, possible in an attitude of adoration, with an object resembling a chalice in the middle between them, and a bird descending with a circular object in its beak. On each side of the central object, and in front of both ecclesiastics, there is a beast in a crouching position with its tail between its legs. A tree of three stems plaited together springs from both lower corners of the pediment and cntinues up the sloping sides to the point at the top, where the stems terminate in buds and leaves.
GeneralDescription In the centre of the cross there is interlaced work.
GeneralDescription On the top arm of the cross three pairs of beasts interlace, but the lower portion is broken away.
GeneralDescription On the left arm of the cross there are three pairs of beasts interlaced.
GeneralDescription On the right arm of the cross there are four pairs of beasts interlaced.
GeneralDescription On the bottom arm of the cross there are four pairs of beasts interlaced.
GeneralDescription On the middle of the cross shaft there is a diagonal key pattern.
GeneralDescription On the bottom of the shaft there is a piece of interlaced work (hidden by the base).
GeneralDescription The background of the cross is ornamented with bosses and behind these a key-pattern. There are six panels on the background.

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