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1. Nunburnholme

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-09-17
Date 17 September 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County East Yorkshire
Townland Nunburnholme.
OSMapRef SE 855485
Area England
GeneralContext Cross shaft in two pieces, upper piece, west.
Location Church at Nunburnholme.
GeneralContext Stone type: Fine-grained, dolomitic, white limestone.
Dimensions upper piece, 76.4cm (30") high, 28.2cm to 31.6cm (11" to 12.5") wide, and 17cm to 29.5cm (6.75" to 11.5") in depth. Lower piece, 84.5cm (33.25") high, 34.7cm to 38.4cm (13.7" to 15") wide, and 30cm to 30.5cm (11.75" to 12") in depth.
GeneralDescription Cross shaft in two pieces, dated to late ninth century or early tenth century. Upper piece, west view.
GeneralDescription At the top of this side the broad horizontal moulding is roughly dressed. Plain, flat edge mouldings extend down to either side.
GeneralDescription Below this there are a pair of confronted wyverns with drooping tails. Each is fettered by a narrow band. The base of this panel is concave and is formed by the top of the arch of the next panel, which is broad, flat moulding as on the edges.
GeneralDescription This panel has the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child, both facing out. She has a halo, and the Child is holding an object, possibly a book.

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