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1. Rothbury

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-09-20
Date 20 September 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Northumberland
Townland Rothbury
OSMapRef NU 055018
Area England
GeneralContext Cross Shaft fragments.
Location Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
GeneralContext Stone type: Coarse-grained, massive yellow sandstone.
GeneralDescription Cross Shaft fragments, dated to early ninth century, lower fragment.
GeneralDescription The stone has been broken and the frame is mutilated.
GeneralDescription It is an Ascension scene, New Testament, Luke 24:50, John 14:2; 16:7. Christ is at the top of the panel and has the appearance of being seated. His right hand is raised in blessing and his left is holding a scroll. There appears to be an angel on either side of him. Christ's head is missing and the figure on the right is damaged.
GeneralDescription Below Christ there are a number of heads, eleven, turned upwards. These are probably the Apostles. Four of the figures in the front row are holding books. These may represent the Evangelists.

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