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1. Ruthwell

RecordAuthor Orla Murphy
ISODate 2002-06-10
Date 12 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Dumfriesshire
Townland Ruthwell
OSMapRef NV 103681 (310330, 568180)
Area Scotland
GeneralContext Close-up of front, top half
Location Church of Ruthwell
GeneralContext Stone type: Red Sandstone
Dimensions 17' high, shaft is 1'9'' wide at bottom and 1'1'' at the top, the head of the cross is 3'1'' wide, and the top arm is 9'' wide, the thickness is 1'6'' at the bottom to 9'' at the top.
GeneralDescription The Ruthwell Cross has sculpture on its four faces and incised capitals and runic inscriptions round the panels on the four faces.
GeneralDescription Front of the Cross: the top arm of the Cross head has a man and a bird, possibly Saint John and his symbol, the eagle.
GeneralDescription The left arm has a beast with a long tail, and the right arm has a beast with wings.
GeneralDescription The bottom arm has an archer shooting an arrow up into the air.
GeneralDescription The top of the shaft depicts two figures saluting each other. (?)Visitation Scene. There is a fragmentary runic inscription 'marþa' (left border) and 'dominæ' (right border)

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