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1. Drumcliff. General View of Cross. West Face.

RecordAuthor Orla Murphy
ISODate 2002-04-24
Date 24 April 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Sligo
Townland Drumcliff
OSMapRef G-68.42
Area Ireland
GeneralContext This sandstone Cross is situated at the edge of a graveyard a near the Protestant Church at Drumcliff. Its measurements are 3m high x 1.1m arms span, the shaft is 47 cm wide by 31 cm. It is mounted on a base 83 cm high x 1.23 m x 98 cm. The panels are not separated. Harbison argues that the two parts of the cross were not originally designed for one another. (Harbison, 1992, p.70).
GeneralDescription This is a general view of the west face of the cross at Drumcliff, Co. Sligo.
West Lower Fragment
W1 Interlace
W2 3 figures facing to the front, the central figure holds a child diagonally across her body. Harbison argues that the scene represents the presentation of John the Baptist in the temple, Harbison, 1992, p. 72 and p.236.
W3 High relief of a camel walking across the shaft.
W4 Arrest/Mocking of Jesus. Jesus is the central figure, flanked by two soldiers.
W5 ? Return from Egypt / Zacharias, Elisabeth and John the Baptist.
West Centre of Cross Head
West Crucifixion, Jesus is depicted centrally with long robes to the knee - Stephaton offers vinegar and Longinus lifts his spear.
West Arms (?)thieves
West Top and ring, interlace and pellet decoration

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