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1. St Andrews

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-06-21
Date 21 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Fifeshire
Townland St Andrews
OSMapRef NO 515165 (351500, 716500)
Area Scotland
GeneralContext View of the front of the sarcophagus at St Andrews.
Location in the grounds of St Andrews Cathedral (now in the museum at United College).
GeneralContext Stone Type: Sandstone
Dimensions 5'9'' long, 2'11'' wide, and 2'4'' high.
GeneralDescription The sarcophagus at St Andrews is in the shape of a rectangular box.
GeneralDescription The front of the sarcophagus is inscibed with figures. The largest of these, on the right side is thought to be David with a lion. (Reference to the Old Testament, 1 Sam 17:34.) There is a broken beast to the right of his head, and a horned sheep to the left of his head.
GeneralDescription In the middle of the panel there is a horseman with a sword in his right hand and a hawk on his left, which is being attacked by a lion.
GeneralDescription Below the horseman there is a griffin on the back of a deer; the deer is being seized by the neck.
GeneralDescription To the left of the griffin, on the bottom there is man holding a spear in his right hand, and a shield of peculiar shape. In front of him (on the left) there is a deer, a dog, a beast of prey, and another dog of fox. This is thought to be a hunt scene.
GeneralDescription At the top of the panel, on the left, there is a large hound chasing a beast of prey, and underneath them a deer, a monkey-like beast, and another animal, all surrounded by foliage.

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