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Snapshots of Doctoral Research at University College Cork

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Table of Contents for volume 2012

1 Brian Cahill Precise evaluation of Building Performance through the availability of dynamic building data and a Building Information Model (BIM) Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE), School of Engineering
2 Frances Clerkin 'Superheroes know where they are going': views from children's cultural worlds School of Education
3 Miranda Corcoran “All the time, somebody listens in”: mirror images of social paranoia in twentieth-century American and Soviet literature School of English
4 Mary Rose Day Self-Neglect: A Hidden Killer School of Nursing and Midwifery
5 Fiona Fouhy Antibiotics and baby’s bugs — what effects have antibiotics on the bacteria present in the infant gut? Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark and Department of Microbiology
6 Mary Galvin ‘It’s a Part of Me’ – The evocative potential of our possessions and surroundings School of Applied Psychology
7 Ross Griffin Possibly “the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”: Attempting to Define Creative Nonfiction School of English
8 Shane Hegarty Parkinson’s disease: Can we move in the right direction? Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience
9 Aoife Horgan The position of separated children in Ireland who turn 18: Aged out and excluded? School of Applied Social Studies
10 Helen Esther Luettgen Ubi bene ibi Colonia Renaissance Studies
11 Jennifer Manning Old drug, new use: Can Amitriptyline improve mood and reduce skeletal muscle inflammation in a mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy? Department of Physiology
12 Kirsty March The Irish in Mercia: A Cultural Context for the Earliest Anglo-Saxon Prayer Books School of English
13 Philip John Marraccini Faster wireless for your home and beyond – smart optical wireless communication Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
14 Alan James Marsh The Quest for Novel Antimicrobials from Bacteria Department of Microbiology
15 Laura McKelvey Feel the pain! Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience
16 Anthony O’Dwyer Droit de Suite – The Artists’ Resale Right Faculty of Law
17 Sinéad Maria O Neill Trouble conceiving after a Caesarean section – let’s cut to the chase Department of Epidemiology & Public Health/ Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
18 John O’Donoghue The other 1%: designing and testing new platinum anti-cancer drugs Department of Chemistry, Analytical and Biological Chemistry Research Facility
19 James O’Sullivan What makes digital humanities, digital? School of English
20 Gyunghee Park ‘Comfort Women’ and the politics of responsibility Department of Sociology
21 Elisa Serra Porteiro Is Irishness part of the joke?: Martin McDonagh’s drama on the Galician stage Department of Hispanic Studies
22 Flicka Small Olives, Oysters and Oranges: A new way of reading James Joyce’s Ulysses School of English
23 Siva Linga Sasanka Velivelli The art of conversation between plants and bacteria School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences
24 Katherine Wade Medical Research with New-Born Babies: What are the Legal and Ethical Concerns? Faculty of Law
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