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Snapshots of Doctoral Research at University College Cork

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Table of Contents for volume 2010

Alan Kelly Introduction Dean of Graduate Studies
1 Robert Ahern Investigating the solid-state properties of drug-Loaded mesoporous silica School of Pharmacy
2 Sinéad Bannon Chewing the fat about our children’s health School of Food & Nutritional Sciences
3 Anne Blavette Using waves to generate electricity Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre
4 Aimie Brennan Child surveillance in Ireland School of Sociology and Philosophy
5 Fiona Broughton Are unborn children rights-holders under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child? Department & Faculty of Law
6 Brendan Cahill Wave farm modelling: harnessing Ireland’s greatest energy resource Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre
7 Wenbin Chen Characterization of new materials for capacitor formation in integrated circuit technology Tyndall National Institute and Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
8 Meghan Coakley Alzheimer’s disease: a fatal ‘lack of communication’ in the brain Department of Biochemistry, Biosciences Institute
9 Donncha Cuttriss Islamism and nationalism in the Palestinian territories: ‘The Palestinian experience’ Study of Religions Department
10 John Danaher “What is it that you do again?”: thinking about criminal responsibility College of Business and Law
11 Caitríona de Paor Buckling of thin-walled cylinders: experimental and numerical investigation Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
12 Anne Marie Devlin 'You wouldn't pass the salt' – from accusation to request or the impact of learning context and learner identity on the acquisition of situational variation in highly advanced learners of English School of Languages, Literature and Cultures
13 Gavin Dillon Aspects of the Life of Colmán of Lynn Roinn na Sean- ⁊ na Meán-Ghaeilge
14 Thomás Fogarty Non-locality of two ultracold trapped atoms Ultracold Quantum Gases Group, Physics Department
15 Franclin S. Foping A web-based early-warning service to monitor drinking-water treatment plant operations Cork Constraint Computation Centre
16 Niamh Goulding The impact of kidney failure on blood pressure Department of Physiology
17 Brian Healy Bioprotectants for control of the emerging food-borne pathogen Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) Department of Microbiology
18 Syed Imran Early-warning system for safe drinking-water: A domain-specific modelling approach Cork Constraint Computation Centre
19 Margaret Landers An overview of a study on patients’ experiences of bowel symptoms and symptom management strategies following surgery for rectal cancer School of Nursing and Midwifery
20 Farhan Manzoor Ahmed Khan Occupant monitoring for facility management using Radio Frequency Identification School of Science, Engineering and Food Science – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
21 Bridie McCarthy Family members’ experiences and concerns as loved ones undergo chemotherapy treatment for cancer School of Nursing and Midwifery
22 Suzanne McEndoo Superfluid qubits in ultracold atom systems Physics Department
23 Sheena Mc Hugh Bridging the quality gap in diabetes care Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, School of Medicine
24 Lekha Menon Margassery Blue biotechnology – drugs from our o ceans Marine Biotechnology Centre, Environmental Research Institute, Department of Microbiology
25 Tadhg Morgan Transport in the quantum world Department of Physics
26 Richard Morrisroe Placebo measurement: a new approach School of Applied Psychology
27 Colm Murphy Effects of deep diving on the trachea of the leatherback turtle Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
28 Marion Murphy Does cash payment influence a GP’s decision to prescribe antibiotics? Department of General Practice & School of Pharmacy
29 Mairin O’Mahony Self-discovered breast cancer symptoms and women's help seeking behaviour: key findings from phase one of a two-phase study School of Nursing and Midwifery
30 Dónal Óg O’Donovan Development and administration of a screening tool for cardiovascular risk assessment in community pharmacy School of Pharmacy
31 Siobhan O’Sullivan Land and justice in South Africa Department of Sociology, School of Sociology and Philosophy
32 Emilie Péneau “Don't ever ask for the true story”: versions of reality and life stories in Atwood’s short fiction School of English
33 Jane Power Financing options for businesses in Ireland College of Business and Law - Department of Economics
34 Patricia M. Radley The digital age: an exploration of the influence of media on children’s lives PhD Student, Early Childhood Studies, School of Education
35 Paul Stack Mobile tools for building maintenance IRUSE Cork, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
36 Sally-Ann Treharne Dutch, the Iron Lady and Latin America. The Anglo-American Special Relationship in Latin America under Reagan and Thatcher School of History
37 Hang Yin Building Management System to support building renovation Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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