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Types of documents to use

Articles must be submitted in ODF (OpenOffice) or DOCX (Word 2007/2010) format.

The obsolete DOC format of older versions of Word cannot be accepted.

You can use any software to do your writing so long as it saves the document in one of these two formats. There is a list of wordprocessors at OpenDocument software.

Format to use

The Named Styles from the stylesheet provided below must be used for submitting articles to The Boolean

Instructions on formatting your article and using stylesheets are available to download here: Do it with style, guide to formatting articles for submission to The Boolean

How to submit your article

Articles must be submitted electronically using the UCC Electronic Training in Academic Publishing and Editing Journal (ETAPE). Instructions on how to use ETAPE are available to download here: Using ETAPE, guide to using the UCC Electronic Training in Academic Publishing and Editing Journal

Stylesheet (template) for authors

OpenOffice (updated 2011-04-21)
Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier (updated 2011-04-21)
Microsoft Word 2008/2010
boolean-article-v3.dotx (updated 2011-04-21)

More in-depth instructions on using styles

How to make style names show up in Microsoft Word
Set up Word to show style names
How to import a Word style template to an existing document
Adding the style template to your article
How to show the available styles
Displaying the styles available
How to apply style names to your article
Changing a style
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