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Snapshots of Doctoral Research at University College Cork

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Table of Contents for volume 2011

1 Ciana Aspell I’ll eat what she’s eating- can the university student experience influence eating behaviours? Food Business and Development
2 Anna Marie Brennan Investigating the accountability of Transnational Armed Groups under International Law for armed attacks Department and Faculty of Law
3 James Browne Could waste fuel our cars? School of Engineering
4 Jenny Butler An ethnographic study of Irish Neo-Pagan culture Department of Folklore and Ethnology
5 Brendan Cahill Characterizing Ireland's wave energy resource Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre
6 Kevin Cahill What CLASS are you in? A study of social class, school choice and identity School of Education
7 Nicola Cornally Help-seeking behaviour for chronic pain Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery
8 Dug Cubie Can legal frameworks for disaster response be improved? Faculty of Law
9 Aileen Cudmore Seeing the wood for the trees: land-use legacies in native woodland School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
10 Noirin Curran Immersion: the key to a good gaming experience School of Applied Psychology
11 Rick Deady ‘Moral shielding: A grounded theory of moral integrity maintenance within multidisciplinary teams’. School of Nursing and Midwifery
12 Gangotri Dey The role of copper in the Electronics Industry as an interconnecting agent Tyndall National Institute
13 Dawn Farrell Inflammatory bowel disease: a beast of burden School of Nursing and Midwifery
14 Jacqueline Fitzgibbon Justifying Jihad: US politics, propaganda and the Afghan Mujahedeen, 1979-1989 School of History
15 Domnall Fleming Student voice in Irish post-primary schools: is the challenge too challenging? School of Education
16 Carina Évora Gomes Development of a robust degassing process for carbonated beverage using gas stripping Department of Process and Chemical Engineering
17 Niamh Goulding A new cure for hypertension – Renal Denervation Department of Physiology
18 Gráinne Greehy Chatting with the experts: exploring Irish consumer acceptance of new food technologies Department of Food Business and Development
19 Irene Hartigan Measuring adaptation following a stroke School of Nursing and Midwifery
20 Niall Heffernan Game theory and why logic may not be very “Logical.” School of English
21 Elaine Hoysted The art of death and childbirth in Renaissance Italy Department of History of Art
22 Mary Joyce “It’s me or the website!” Investigating people’s confidence with Internet use School of Applied Psychology
23 Laura Keyes The implications of a high energy dense diet on the health of Ireland’s children School of Food and Nutritional Sciences
24 Geraldine Kidd Eleanor Roosevelt’s blindspot: Department of History
25 Jacqueline Lyons Size matters: exploring the links between food portion sizes and diet quality in Irish children School of Food and Nutritional Sciences
26 Ian Magee Why do skeletons lie about their age? Department of Archaeology
27 Angela Mazza Are we citizens adrift or citizens assured? Department of French Language and Cultural Studies
28 Anne McAuliffe Palliative care for all ….. Really? School of Nursing and Midwifery
29 Fergus Mc Auliffe Constructed wetlands in Ireland School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
30 Colm McAuliffe Sean O’Faoláin, The Bell and the voice of Irish dissent Department of English
31 Alan J. M. Noonan ‘Oh those long months without a word from home’, Migrant letters from mining frontiers School of History
32 Ivan McLaughlin Is there a Sheriff anymore? Vietnam’s legacy on US-Nicaraguan relations during the Carter Era, 1977-1981 School of History
33 Damien Mc Sweeney Dadaab....a forgotten city in the 21st century Department of Government
34 Colm Cornelius Murphy Changing shapes: How the trachea of the leatherback turtle responds during deep diving Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
35 Sean Murray Energy efficiency in universities: the need for guidance and a strategic approach Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
36 Brid O’ Brien What is the perioperative nurses main challenge when caring for the surgical patient? School of Nursing & Midwifery
37 Oliver O’Hanlon Ireland through French eyes: reports from Ireland in French newspapers in the 20th century Department of French, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
38 Niamh O’Mahony The poetic construction of the self School of English
39 Rola (Hamed) Abu Zeid - O'Neill Living between memory, war, and daily life Department of Sociology
40 Lisa Quigley Using state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technology to reveal the bacteria present in Irish artisanal cheese Department of Microbiology
41 Denis Ring Manufacturing challenges in the production of high quality modified-release tablets School of Engineering
42 Laura Russell The coldest place in Ireland Physics Department
43 Gearóid Ryan Hedging your bets in a volatile world: an introduction to the use and pricing of European call options. School of Mathematical Sciences
44 Siva Linga Sasanka Velivelli How can bacteria benefit plants? School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences
45 Amy Watkins Whispering-gallery-mode microbubble resonators: fabrication and characterization Physics Department & Tyndall National Institute
46 Hang Yin Decision support for building renovation strategies Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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